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Spirit No. 12

Fruits of blackthorn, sloe or wild plum ripen in late autumn. Rich in
vitamin C and organic acids, they have broad usage in traditional medicine.
Brandy made of blackthorn maceration has a special flavor that
shouldn't be missed by true gourmet.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Spirit No. 11

Dog rose has sweetsour taste and is rich with ascorbic acid, ie. vitamin C.
It is known for its medical properties and delicious jam made by skilled housewives.
Maceration, a cold process extraction of herb compounds, keeps all the dog rose
magic preserved in a bottle.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 8

Williams pear prefer mid-elevations. Тhus the Neštin village at the height of
200 meters on the N-E slopes of Fruška Gora is excellent for its cultivation.
Picked by the end of August 2015, these Williams pears were held in dry,
shady place until all starch had turned into sugar and aromas got its fullness.
During distillation we made effort to keep all aroma spectrum in the brandy.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 5

Ječmenka is one of the oldest pear cultivars known to our region.
It ripens during the barley harvest, which is why it's called Ječmenka.
Our backyard tree is more than 70 years old and it yielded over
300 kg, so I decided to make brandy out of it. Gentle and
pleasant notes reminiscing the good old days.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out



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