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Why do I Make Chardaklia Brandy?

Chardaklia recollects my forgotten mojo. When a sip or two tickles my palate,
slides down my throat, worms up my stomach and brings those forgotten
moments to life, I just feel good.



How do I Make It?

I admire the fruits while they are still in blossom, and thank the trees
for the yield. While keeping the mash at fermentation temperature that make
the yeasts happy, I expect the best outcome. My brandy is traditionally made
through double distillation with true passion, and aged in glass containers.



What do I Actually Do?

When the cork is out and the spirit poured, I give myself over
to the aromas that evoke memories. Each year I am bottling
one season into memories and preserve them against oblivion.
Beware, Chardaklia might make you ask yourself, "How did I get here?"


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