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100% Plum Brandy

Slivovitz, the mother of all brandies. As the brandy lovers would say, there is a plum,
and there are other fruits. Despite its recognizable flavour and complex notes,
Slivovitz is a brandy that remains a big unknown. Due to its many cultivars and
possible combinations of blending, it gives numerous possibilities for exploring.



Brandy No. 18

15 years ago, Steva planted four plum cultivars, from which Čačanska Rodna
and Lepotica give excellent slivovitz, if you ask me. In the years when
late frosts break orchardmen plans, Steva's plums give yield. I didn't want
to miss this year's opportunity. As this was my first encounter with Čačanska
Lepotica, I found it to be of exceptional quality in terms of sugar content.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 14

Two orchards, one cultivar and a lot of effort. This brandy is made of Čačanska Rodna
which ripens at the end of August. We had mixed four corners of the world in it.
One orchard near Sviloš from the northwestern and the other from the southeastern
slopes, gave their best that Fruška Gora offers. We hope, in three years, this brandy
will take you on a beautifull jurney.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 7

Just like two years ago - the same orchard and the same Sun above us. But the fruit
preparation, the conditions of the crushed fruit fermentation and the mere process of
distillation have improved. We can now compare and appreciate the importance of
the advanced technological processes in brandy production. Time and cellar are
brandy's allies, whilst Dejan's orchard is our patient ally in the expectation
of this special quality brandy.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 6

The southern slopes of Fruška gora, once washed in the waves of the Pannonian Sea,
now take pride in the Tower of Vrdnik and thermal spas. But my attention was drawn
to the Sun bathed orchards of our host, industrious Žika. He put a lot of effort
and knowledge into his orchards and now they are a few steps away from showing
all their potential. With great expectations, we cherish the brandy given by
the plums from these orchards.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 2

2013 was exceptionally good year for fruits. Those yields and that quality will be remembered.
Since the branches were cracking under the weight of plums, the branch holders were used
to save all that could be saved. Different cultivars from a small orchard on the northeastern
slopes of Fruška Gora, Stanley, Požegača, Čačanska Rodna and Bjelica brought this
brandy of rather complex notes.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out



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