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100% Grape Brandy

Grape brandy is not Grappa. There are many varieties of this highly
appreciated brandy, but they all have in common fermentation of
grape mash without stems and without straining the wine.
In order to achieve preferred profile, specific grape cultivars
are chosen and the mash is treated with great care.



Brandy No. 16

There are several thousand varieties of muscat grapes. Only about ten of them
are among the more renowned ones. From this year, my little cellar treasures
a Black Muscat brandy, alongside Župljanka. The Black Muscat is adorned
with a characteristic fragrance, which is transferred and kept in the brandy
with careful distillation and care. Millennium grape growing tradition has
its roots in this old cultivar.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 15

It’s a long way from vineyard to wine. It’s even longer from vineyard to brandy.
This year’s Župljanka came a week earlier than last year. Its spirit was conveyed
to this brandy in the middle of October. In the modern age when time is measured
by minutes, brandy can be seen as a refusal to comply with the hustle and bustle.
Those who lack time to enjoy a brandy will never be introduced to the charms of
Župljanka grape brandy.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 10

Little things can make big differences in creating quality. That’s the case with
this brandy. With a combination of several grape cultivars, dominated by
Black Muscat, we made this brandy of muscat flavor profile. Though it takes
quite a while for this brandy to achieve its full potential, couple of years
of aging is enough for it to show its true quality.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 9

Diligent Dule has three vineyards and thousands of grapevines. An acquaintance of mine
introduced him to me and I knew at once he was a true Srem lander. We agreed upon
harvesting Župljanka, an autochthone grapevine cultivar from Srem, when sugars are
at peak. The year of 2015 brought us great yields and quality. Župljanka gives
high quality brandy that, under certain conditions, can become outstanding.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 3

Župljanka is a domestic autochthone white grape cultivar made in 1960’s. Its grapevine
is very profuse, with green-yellow berries and juicy pulp. In better years, it gives
high-quality wine that can be outstanding, like in 2013. After great effort to finish
distillation during the November rain, the brandy was left to age one year.
It was bottled and soon found its way to our relatives and friends.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out



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