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100% Apricot Brandy

Very appreciated aromatic brandy.
Beginners love it as well as those with years of experience.
Harmonic and drinkable, it caresses the palate and evokes a sense of hedonism.
Sought after with the tavern music and favored among women.



Brandy No. 17

This brandy came out of spite.
Apricots from Radovan's orchard have differences in nounces compared with 2015
(see Brandy No. 4). The Sun is a bit harsher, the grass in the orchard is unmowed,
the yield is average but with exceptionally large fruits, overripe and sugar-rich.
I am looking forward to this brandy very much, even though I made it out of spite
to all adversity. I committed myself to fulfill my New Year's wish for my friend
Dušan, to drink together the brandy from 2019. So, here it is. Out of spite!

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 13

Despite the mild winter, late frosts took its toll on the flowers of this gentle
fruit tree. The slopes of Fruška Gora were almost left without apricots. One of the few
diligent orchardmen who had protected his apricot trees in the critical phase of
inflorescence was Mirko. His family orchard on the Pearl Island near the Old Tisa,
gave a rich fruity yield. Selected cultivars ripen later and ensure more sugars
and aromas in the fruits. After the fermentation process and carefully
conducted distillation, these aromas were transfused into this brandy.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 4

Specific location of this small orchard on the northern slopes of Fruška belle, not far
from the Danube coast, gave its contribution to the aromas of this apricot brandy.
This old cultivar apricot orchard was revitalized couple of years ago and made its
owner proud. Following the advice of his father who planted the fruit trees decades ago,
Radovan renewed his orchard and now reaps the rewards from Sun and soil.

Aging Bottled On reserve Dried out

Brandy No. 1

The apricot tree in our backyard in Novi Sad was planted in the beginning of the 90's.
It filled many jars with apricot jam, while the yields from 1995, 1996 and 1998
were used only for brandy. This brandy is a blend of those years and
a memory of my father who made it. The tree was taken out in 2013.

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